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FWDB: Who are we?
We are the Dragon Ball Liberation Front (Front Wyzwolenia Dragon Balla in Polish), a two-man team constituted by enthusiasts of the Dragon Ball World. We want to share our love for Akira Toriyama's masterpiece with the public through numerous materials dedicated to the series and, most importantly, through the GT Rewritten project!
We would be glad if you stayed with us for longer!
New Releases
FWDB Channel Series
Bananowe Wideoeseje
The series run by The Banana Doc. It touches on numerous topics considered controversial by the Dragon Ball community.
RAZowe Dygresje
The series hosted by ERAZEE. Although it mainly focuses on analyzing the philosophy and foundations of Dragon Ball, it is not limited to this franchise. Most of the time, ERAZEE's Digressions are shorter than other videos on the channel.
"The Best" Podcast is one of the main series of The Banana Doc and ERAZEE. It addresses issues suggested in the comments by viewers, and the hosts themselves are also open to unexpected guests!
Wyzwolone Newsy
Liberated News is an irregular series that serves as a middle ground between the Banana Video Essays and SAIKYOU NO PODCAST. On it, we will relay and discuss the latest news regarding the world of Dragon Ball.
DRAGON BALL - recenzja
DRAGON BALL - review is a series dedicated to analyzing the original manga by Akira Toriyama, and later its numerous sequels and spin-offs. Structurally, it resembles the Banana Video Essays, but each of its episodes follows a pattern through which a plot synopsis (up until the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai Arc), general thoughts, characters and a conclusion are discussed.
DRAGON BALL - rebooty
"DRAGON BALL - reboots" is an original project by ERAZEE, aiming to creatively showcase and attempt to outline the storyline of "Dragon Ball" anew, this time in his own style. It can also be thought of as a counterpart to BanDoc's DRAGON BALL - review.
The Pirate King's Podcast, as the name suggests, is about the One Piece franchise, which is considered to be one of the successors to Dragon Ball. Here, The Banana Doc and ERAZEE will have their thoughts on its subsequent sagas and will try to juxtapose Eiichiro Oda's achievements with the results of the work of his idol, Akira Toriyama.
'Grand Tour'
Members of FWDB

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Please send all questions and offers to the official project email: [email protected]
The waiting period for a response should not exceed one week.

Note: As a fan project, we do not provide support for phone calls!

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