Fine Toast Song
Used in recipes:
Please note: This is a list of recipes that technically exist in the game. We can't yet say for sure which of them are actually aquirable.
Dew WineFine Toast Song x 3Dew Grass x 1
Sweet WineFine Toast Song x 3Sweet Berry x 1
Neso WineFine Toast Song x 1Grape x 2
Agave DrinkFine Toast Song x 2Blue Agave x 1
Hazelnut wineFine Toast Song x 1Eagle Wing x 1
Herbal WineFine Toast Song x 1Snake Gall x 1
Moonlight SpiritFine Toast Song x 1Moonlight Eel x 1
Lunarmurk Special BrewFine Toast Song x 1Lunarmurk Endeavor x 1
Melonberry WineFine Toast Song x 2Melonberry x 1
Pink AllureFine Toast Song x 1Blood Vine x 1
Silver Lotus Liquor Fine Toast Song x 1Silver Lotus x 1

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